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About 'Everything PCS'

Who We Are

PCS'ing…if you are reading this, then you are probably already familiar with the term PCS (Permanent Change of Station).  You might be new to the military lifestyle or perhaps you are an old pro making but regardless which one applies to you, or if you’re somewhere in between, it is never easy!

Permanent Change of Station…time to pack up your life because you are going to a new city, state, or country where you will have to start again with new friends and new ways to connect with family for support.  Have kids? Then you get to worry about them too since they will have to do the same as you. Saying goodbye to friends, their school, and the neighborhood they are familiar with…no big deal, right? Kids are resilient after all! Well, that may be true, but that does not make it any easier on top of the already stress inducing ins and outs military families deal with on a day to day basis. Being in the service and parenthood in general can be stressful enough.  Everything PCS can help during this specific, but also often recurring crazy, topsy-turvy time in your life!

Being a military spouse myself, I have not only experienced the world of PCS’ing first hand, but I have also listened to Servicemen and women as well as their spouses, sharing their struggles and stress that moving from location to location can bring about. Parenting and living the military lifestyle… insurance issues, finding new doctors and dentists for all the members of your family, making new friends… every few years. These are issues we all face at one time or another. Our priority is to raise happy children and maintain a healthy marriage, but then your service member leaves for duty or training for weeks, months or over a year at a time.  Support is needed!

I created ‘Everything PCS’ to ease the stress and lighten the load for military families with already enough on their plate! We offer support.