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Welcome to Everything PCS.

Activities! It took me a year after my first PCS to feel comfortable in my new town.  A big part of what contributed to that was finally finding activities that reminded me of home…local trivia nights at the Irish pub, wine tasting, weekend festivals… not to mention age appropriate activities for the kids!  When you’re transitioning from a large city to a smaller one or visa versa, this can be a huge culture shock…where there once was an amusement park or zoo on every corner within 15 minutes, now you have a choice of maybe only one! Likewise, going from small town values and minimal traffic to big city living and rush hours, it can be enough to not want to leave the house!

What we have done is compiled a list of activities, (both adult and kid friendly!) by location/base so now that is one less thing you must do!  Know of something in a military town that we do not? Let us know! We would love to add it to the list and/or reach out to new businesses if they would like to be listed on the site! The more the merrier and you can help pay forward if you happen to have spent a lot of time at one base over another and know all the ins and outs!

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